As evidenced by the rapidly increasing popularity of cremation, most people possess at least a familiarity with the practice. Where we at Accu-Care Cremation & Funerals find confusion enters into the conversation is when they must decide between a traditional cremation and a direct cremation. Today, we will discuss direct cremation and how it may be the best option for your friend or loved one.

As a friend or family member of one who is recently deceased, the end-of-life arrangements may have fallen to you. Never is this more true than when, for whatever reason, preplanned arrangements have not been made. It is in this situation that most people begin their research and learn about direct cremation and its many benefits over a traditional cremation.

To begin, a direct cremation is usually preferred for individuals who live in a location different than many of their family members. Due to the logistics in having distant family members and loved ones travel out for a traditional cremation ceremony and memorial, it is usually easier to opt for a direct cremation and then later transport the remains to a more accessible location for a memorial service at a later date. 

A direct cremation is also ideal for those who have died unexpectedly. Oftentimes, those who pass before their time have not made funeral arrangements on their own behalf. Additionally, the cost savings provided by a direct cremation makes it easier for families and friends to provide a respectful means of saying goodbye while staying within a more modest budget.

This last point is, for many, the most important for those tasked with making decisions for the recently deceased. Because a direct cremation consists only of the cremation and return of the cremated remains, a direct cremation is substantially less expensive than a traditional cremation that could include the purchase of a decorative coffin for a pre-cremation memorial service, fees associated with visiting hours and the memorial, and any additional fees for the purchase of a burial plot or dedicated space in a columbarium. For these and other factors, a direct cremation is far more affordable than a traditional cremation.

If you have decided upon a direct cremation for a friend or loved one or if you have more questions, the dedicated and professional staff of Accu-Care Cremation & Funerals is available to you 24 hours a day. Call (844) 550-7897 today to learn more about direct cremation and to receive immediate assistance in obtaining a direct cremation.

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