Accu-care Cremation & Funerals Offer Low Cost Cremation

Affordable Cremation Services in Southern California & Arizona

Conscientious, Practical End-Of Life Arrangements.

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Is Accu-Care Cremation & Funerals Right for Your Family?

We Are Available for Your Family 24/7. We’ve provided over 20 years of cremation and funeral services to our communities.

  • On average our cremation services are 10% less than local competitors.
  • We make sure you have all the information and time you need.
  • Compassionate and professional care during this difficult time.

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 A Loved One Has Passed Away.

We offer our deepest condolences for your loss. Please call (844) 550-7897 for immediate assistance:

  • Making all the arrangements for you to reduce strain on your family.
  • Filling out all the paperwork and obtain the certificate of death.
  • Ensuring your loved one’s are handled carefully and respectfully.

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How to Plan a Cremation or Funeral

Plan a direct cremation or immediate funeral in the surrounding areas of Southern California & Phoenix, Arizona.