The current California drought crisis is receiving a lot of attention right now. With the revelation by NASA that our water reserves are at an all time low, (with just one year of stored water left), everyone, from city planners to agricultural scientists to the highest levels of state government, is hurriedly exploring actions that can be implemented immediately to spare the state from the catastrophic human and economic consequences of this desperate situation.

The land that we build upon, bury in, and use for agriculture is similar to the sponge you have at your kitchen sink. In the best of times, it is moist and pliable. As it experiences less and less water, it begins to contract upon itself, receding from its healthy state to a shallower, more brittle landscape, marked by cracking and unsightly pock marks. Any California homeowner whose residence is built upon a concrete slab foundation has likely already witnessed the steady recession of the land immediately surrounding it, often leading to unsettling and cracking of the foundation.

While policymakers and other interested parties are rushing to put into place statewide water restrictions, one area many are not aware of is how drought affects the many cemeteries and memorial gardens around the Golden State. Just like the lawns and farm fields, the land in our cemeteries is contracting in on itself. The fact that the land we bury our loved ones in is becoming the dry sponge alluded to above means that any toxic chemical runoff, (from coffin materials, embalming fluids, etc.), is likely to be drawn into the surrounding land much faster, delivering it into our dwindling groundwater supply at a rate not previously experienced.

Accu-Care Cremation has long been an advocate for opting for cremation over traditional burial because of the substantial cost savings it presents. However, it is also true that cremation is far less damaging to the ecology of California. Because an Accu-Care cremation requires no chemical preparation of the deceased, and because no land is required for final disposition, cremation is emerging as an ever more important choice when determining the end-of-life plan for yourself or a loved one who has recently passed.

As citizens of California, Accu-Care Cremation is just as invested in the dire water situation we are currently facing as you and your family are. We believe each action Californians engage in should be viewed through the lens of immediate emergency conservation. While many are concerned with lawn watering, agriculture, and personal hygiene uses of water, it is equally important to understand how this drought is affecting the funerary industry.

If you have questions or are in need of immediate assistance in planning a direct cremation, don’t hesitate to contact us. Accu-Care Cremation has been serving California families for over 20 years with the understanding that elaborate end-of-life arrangements are not what each family requires or desires. Call us today and let us help you plan your direct cremation!

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