Funeral Preparation Checklist

Planning a cremation is a detailed process. You have to file permits, certificates, and other important documents, arrange transportation to and from facilities, and there are a thousand other small details to coordinate. Managing this process while grieving is extremely challenging, and we recommend planning ahead when possible.

Use this checklist to keep track of everything you need to ensure your loved one’s services are carried out with dignity and respect.

Make Decisions

Create a detailed end-of-life plan by considering:

  • What type of service you’d like
  • How the remains will be cared for or stored
  • How you want people to pay tribute (flowers or charitable donations)
  • Who will care for any pets
  • Who will speak at the memorial service

Important Documents Checklist

Prepare important information and documents, including:

  • Who should be notified of the death
  • Name of the executor of the will
  • Information for safe deposit boxes or other physical assets
  • Information for bank and retirement accounts, credit cards, insurance policies, and other accounts that require notification
  • Contact information for newspaper subscriptions, telephone services, and other utilities that require cancellation
  • Notes or an outline for the obituary
  • Documents preparing the appropriate powers of attorney, if necessary

Running through your checklist when someone dies helps you focus on next steps. Once you’ve prepared all the necessary documents, it’s a good idea to back them up in a place that is safe from a fire, flood, or other natural disaster — such as online.

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